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My interest in photography goes back to the earlier days of my childhood. Everything started with one analogue Zenit camera, which has been in my family for years.

The magic of the sound of the curtain, which transforms into a colorful memory, was so captivating that it made me go on an adventure called photography. This interest lasted throughout my entire education and it transformed into a wish to disregard the faculty diploma I acquired, and to take a different path instead the path of economy.

Then, I started fulfilling the dream I have been dreaming for years. With time, I realized that in this dream, the people in front of the camera lance play an important role. I was especially moved by their life stories and emotions happening at the time when photos were taken. I realized that together we are making some new memories, which will last a lifetime.

In my hearth, I am a traveler, open for new landscapes and new acquaintances, for new challenges and adventures, for unexpected situations and creative requests. This is why I will be glad to accept any suggestions and ideas you may have, as well as locations you find interesting.

Years of experience and working with many different people are behind the fact that for me, every couple is unique and I put in a lot of effort so that it may be visible on my photos.