Inside the mind of overthinker

Živimo u vrijeme kad svatko sebe doživljava k’o Boga, 

ni ne sjetivši se da nikad se ne zna 

što čeka koga. 

Ljudi se fokusiraju na sebe 

pa gdje god ih to dovede. 

Zato vam ostavljam tekst od nekidan, 

da pokušate bolje razumjeti 

i sebe i druge 

svaki dan.

They say don’t think

They say meditate

focus on the present moment.

It’s not easy.

There are times when I don’t know who am I anymore

I don’t know what to think of them,of myself. Am I reaching because I care, and want them to be part of my life, to be proud of me. Am I being polite or I ‘m just pain in the butt and they don’t know how to cut me off politely.

I have tendency to be boring but I fight against that all the time. Will I lose them as well? Will they also pretend that I am invi(n)sible? Is this insecurity and loliness going to continue? Everyone has flaws, and I am full aware of mine(s). What is my next move? How should I behave?
I don’t now, what I know is that I’m changing each day. With hope in good, that tomorrow is going to be better.

I just need time, time and support. I need my people (which i belive care) to see me grow. I just want that.

©️ Nikola Marinković

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